SociDynamo WP Plugin Review

For those of you who are in a hurry and just want to know the short review is:
Don’t buy SociDynamo plugin!
It is useless and a waste of money.
You would be better of buying some nice Pinterest-like theme, or even get a free one.

Longer Review of SociDynamo Plugin:

I bought Socidynamo Pro edition. Here is why I don’t recommend you buy this WordPress plugin.

Socidynamo PluginSociDynamo absolutely Does not deliver what it promises.

It is absolutely NOT working as the author – Brett Ingram, claims! It actually Stopped working, I had to get updates 3 times already and he didn’t even bother to send me an email about it.

It is totally Un-customizable. No edit whatsoever.

It takes over the original layout and there is nothing you can do about it! You cannot add anything to that ugly front page: you cannot add a link to any other parts of you site. Which, if you would be stupid enough to add it as your home page – will break all the Google, Amazon etc rules – i.e to have link to your Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, TOS, About and any other required and legal pages!

And when somebody clicks through one of the pictures it brings him to the post page which gives you this ugly layout and there is also not too much you can edit or customize.

If you use the SociDynamo for creating one of the “sub-pages” on your site, you can Only create one! Trust me, I’ve tried: Different pages, different categories = no avail. Everything simply somehow reverts to that one original page you have created. So in plain words it means you cannot create MyCutePictures One page, MyCutePictures Two page, MyCutePictures Three page… etc… Everything, every picture will simply somehow ‘skip’ to one page – usually the first one.

Also the “support” is totally miserable in the sense that those poor guys have No idea what is it about, what am I asking them. They just send me canned emails: “watch the videos” – which is a BS about nothing. I watched them ALL and many times – and of course it did not answer my questions.

an Update:
Actually Finally after many emails I’ve got an answer from the support, which told me that No, it is Not possible to edit/Customize the site which SociDynamo Plugin create!

Why didn’t I ask for a refund? Only because I bought it – as I always do – through an affiliate link. And because of that I got nice bonuses which I value much more than the price of this horrible failure of a plugin.

So Brett Ingram can thank to one of his affiliates he can still keep his money.
On the other hand, I will be much more cautious when I will use this particular affiliate recommendations.

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Our Internet Speed Is Finally Higher Than In Uganda

Wow! Our Internet connection speed here in Canada is finally higher than in the country of Uganda, Africa!

We finally had enough, and after 20 years we changed our Internet Service Provider. We were paying for 10 Mbps download but mostly our download speed had been between 1.2-1.6 Mbps – which is less than in the African country of Uganda, where the average speed is 2 Mpbs!

I know that as for the innovation and technology Canada is really a backward country somewhere at the end of the tail of developed countries, but enough is enough.

Ever since Fibernetics bought our former ISP everything went down. First, we didn’t have Internet at all for almost 3 weeks – you know, in this so-called ‘developed’ country it takes time to find out what’s going on with your Internet… And we are living in half a million people city.

And then it started. Our Internet slowed down to a crawl, especially when we used wi-fi. When I called their Customer Support, of course it was my fault, because
1.) our wifi is bad
2.) our router/modem is bad
3.) we are not paying for enough speed (interestingly enough before we lived in a small city far away and didn’t have these problems even with just 6 Mbps – and our friends who still live there still Don’t have any problem although the max DSL speed to that city is Still Just 5 Mbps!)

So I got mad, bought a new router, new modem, connected all our devices by wires, and increased our speed to 10 Mbps. Do you think it helped?

= Enter Any bad word you can think of!
Our average speed was still less than the average speed in the country of Uganda, Africa.

When I finally had enough of mocking comments of my sister who lives in Slovakia, Europe about the “advanced Canadian technology” I overcame my aversion of dealing with Canadian services and I have changed the ISP to Teksavvy and bought up to 25 Mbps DSL.

After my experience from the summer before, when it took Bell Canada and Fibernetics three weeks and zillion phone calls to fix our connection – (incl. a time when some “smart-aleck” send me an EMAIL! with the date of the technician coming to our home – even the problem was we did NOT have an Internet so obviously How was I supposed to Read that email..??)
– I was ready for a veeery looong waiting.

But imagine! Bell Canada went overboard this time! The whole process took ‘only’ from 4th. till 19th. of April. And we were without the Internet access ‘only’ about 10 days.

Which I don’t understand anyway as both of our providers are basically re-sellers of Bell Canada which has a monopoly on optical/DSL cables and the whole hardware. So it means that the Same Company = Bell Canada had disconnected us from the Internet and the Same Company = Bell Canada again re-connected us. Through Their service. And it took them 10 days!

Seems in Canada in these days of smart technology it is not possible to coordinate together that you will have your Internet disconnected and re-connected on the same day!

I proposed I am willing to pay for 2 Providers at the same time, so we won’t be without the Internet, but that too is Impossible in Canada even you are willing to pay for it!

Oh well, we finally have our Internet back and it seems we can finally watch our favorite news and other programs without the possibility of having a heart attack from the slowness of out Internet speed.

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